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You have now heard about various Agile practices such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP and perhaps you are now thinking….how do I get started? Where do I start? Can we apply to this to Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, IT and other business Departments? What can we start implementing from tomorrow? Who do we need to help us start our transition from a traditional business model to a more Agile business model? Are there Agile coaches in Ghana or West Africa who can help us?

Many people have found that a successful Agile development process has the potential to transform a traditional project management organization from slow, mammoth releases which take months or sometimes years to quick iterative release cycle from four weeks or less. Once an organization has a firm grip on Agile basics, moving from a yearly release cycle to a weekly build – release cycle is not unusual. It is possible to deliver value more rapidly to your employees and customers.

Making 50 quick releases instead of one big one has several advantages. The development team is able to release value faster by getting important features and services in early releases. They’re also able to change directions quickly when the requirements turn out to be wrong or misunderstood, rather than working for a year toward the wrong goals. While these advantages are important, they’re not easy to realize.

Many leaders and project managers struggle with the basics of the Agile as they move from an established traditional development and management process such as waterfall, PMP, PMI, Prince 2, MSP, TQM toward using more Agile methods. If you have questions, you’re not alone. Day 3 will address your questions and help you get started. You will leave with the Akaditi Agile Tool kit.