Agile In Banking


A Half Day Strategic Event looking at Transformations in the Banking and Financial Services Space for both Regulators and Private Sector Players. The BIG question is what is really driving all this change?

Theme: The Future of Banking and Financial Services Sector, 2020 and Beyond. Taking the Bull by the Horns.

Get insights into Challenges, Risks, Solutions and Opportunities.


Trending Topics

  • Impact of Agile in the Banking Sector globally.
  • Digital Transformation and Banking Impact of Banking Sector Reforms in Ghana and key drivers for Growth? BoG
  • Customer experience in a VUCA world?
  • Is Transformation more than Digitization?
  • The Future of Digital Banks. No Branches. No Charges.
  • Transforming core Banking Operations.
  • New Products and Services that will change the World.
  • The Role of FinTechs in the Future of Banking
  • The New Role of HR. New jobs, new ways of working, new tools, new tech, remote workers (digital nomads)
  • Digital Identity and Identity Management
  • Cyber Security – Keep the wolves away
  • Improving your bottom line without increasing cost of services
  • How do Banks and Financial Services Institutions make money in a highly competitive environment?

The Pace of Change

Emerging technologies and the pace of innovation are driving changes throughout the banking and financial services industry at an unprecedented rate. From Asia to Europe, the U.S. to Africa, and Australia to the Middle East, consumers are not only increasingly adopting digital – most are demanding it. Globalization, Cross border transactions, Financial inclusion, Governance, Compliance, Fraud, Cybersecurity, Reducing Operational cost, Increasing value given to customers, changing demographics from Millennials to Generation Z are just some of the trending topics in the Banking and Financial services sector.


The banking and Financial Services industry globally and across Africa is experiencing disruption at an increasing pace. The recent shake up by the Bank of Ghana has reduced the number of Banks and Financial Services Providers and created an environment where FinTech’s are able to grow. We see major changes in Nigeria and across Africa.


These changes both in the tech, consumer, regulatory space are now forcing many Banks and Financial Services Institutions to kick off transformation programs, initiatives and enterprise-wide change to improve business performance. Agile is increasingly becoming a trending topic from the Board room to the shop floor.

Bridging the Gap

Agile in Banking and Financial Services seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between service provider and customer. The present and the future.
This Industry is one of the catalysts for transforming the economy so this Seminar is both strategic and needed at this moment in our history.


Banks of the future will be increasingly run by technology. With more consumers adopting digital products and services from leading big tech companies such as Apple and Amazon, they have come to expect the same seamless experience with banking as well. In the new digital era where people are spending more time than ever on their mobile devices.


Over the past few years, traditional financial institutions and non-traditional fintech firms have begun to understand that collaboration may be the best path to long-term growth. At the same time, big tech firms are offering financial services, creating techfin solutions.

The rationale for collaboration is the ability to bring strengths of both banks and fintech firms together to create a stronger entity than either unit could bring on their own. For most fintech organizations, the primary advantages are an innovation mindset, agility (speed to adjust), consumer-centric perspective, and an infrastructure built for digital.

Mobile banking quickly became a table stake instead of nice-to-have, and the financial experiences expected from our applications have moved from reporting the past to predicting the future. To compete, financial institutions must reimagine banking itself within the context of our daily lives, our routines, our needs, our desires, and their impact on our future.

Banks adopting Agile in Ghana

Fidelity Bank

Stanbic Bank

Access Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

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