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Over the last 20 years Agile has moved from the Shop floor to the Boardroom. It is no longer seen to be an IT Solution but now considered to be an essential business strategy in the Information Age. However many Leaders still struggle with keeping the lights on, dealing with daily operational issues and transforming their business. The Boston Consulting Group says “Transformation isn’t an option – it’s a business imperative”. Richard Young says “Agile Leadership allows you to anticipate and adapt to unpredictable circumstances or environments in ways that will benefit yourself and others. While not everyone can exhibit the same levels of leadership agility, agile leaders are undoubtedly more effective leaders. Agile people excel at absorbing information from their experience and using it to navigate an unfamiliar situation. Agility is considered to help counteract Ambiguity. Being Agile you will: ‘Be prepared to adapt and shift course rapidly’ and ‘Reverse potential threats into opportunities’.

Day 1 is all about leadership and what leaders can do to transform their organisations. Our speakers will inspire, provoke your thinking and give you insights on how you can start or optimise your approach to transformation.