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Akaditi Agility Studio

akaditi_logo Agility Studio Programme – Agile University

Our Programme is in three parts;

1. Agile Training based on Akaditi custom courses and certified courses delivered by qualified trainers (PSTs / AEs)

2. Organisational Transformation focusing on People, Process & Technology with our Enterprise Agility Coaches (EMs).

3. Agile Coaching and Mentoring by our Fellows drawn from a global network of Corporate Partners.


The Agility Studio builds on the Success of Agile in Africa Conference 2015

With 2015’s success, the aim to establish leadership in agility in business and technology across Africa is alive. With the Agile in Africa platform, together we will build a franchise of world-class events; learning programmes and tools; as well as Agile software solutions to meet various social and business needs.

The opportunities that Agile in Africa has opened for all are enormous and we hope you would support this platform to achieve these visions into the future. We look forward to a world-changing Agile in Africa 2016 Conference. See you there!

Some initiatives the Akaditi & Agile in Africa team is making going forward and in preparation for Agile in Africa 2016:

What the Programme offers;

Akaditi Agility Studio Programme – is enrolling all 350 participants in the Agility Studio as part of learning and training programme in Agile. All participants will be provided training via a virtual (online) and face to face set-up, to provide advise, coaching, guidance, and initial agile training, mentoring to acquire the knowledge and skills in Agile. This will be sponsored for students (only pay for their certification), Organisations and High net worth individuals will be invited to Sponsor Students.

A fee of $500 per person will be charged for businesses and those in employment. They will pay for the Assessment to acquire Scrum.Org Certification.

At the End of the Training each Participant will receive a Certificate from Scrum.Org and Akaditi also provides a range of Custom courses and Certificates – Agile for Executives & Agile for Managers.

1. Training & Certification: Agile Training based on Akaditi Custom courses and certified courses by qualified trainers (PSTs / AEs)

This will be conducted using an appropriate combination of Professional Scrum Training, and custom courses to support the organisation.

Custom courses

These are proven courses that have been developed to support customers where the Professional series does not meet the organisational constraints

Introduction to Agile

Agile for Executives

Agile for HR

Duration: ½ – 1 day

Target Audience: Everyone

Entry Knowledge: read the scrum guide

Max class size: 30

Duration: 1 day

Target Audience: Leadership Team

Entry Knowledge: read the scrum guide

Max class size: 10

Duration: 1 day

Target Audience: HR Team

Entry Knowledge: read the scrum guide

Max class size: 20

Professional Scrum Training

These are courses that are built by Scrum.Org and regularly updated. They are completely aligned with the Scrum guide, and are standard throughout the world. With the course there is an associated assessment, and when the assessment is passed a globally recognised certification is achieved.

All of the courses are 2 days long, except the PSD which is 3 days.




Max class


Professional Scrum FoundationsEveryoneBuild a practical understanding of how Scrum works253
Professional Scrum DeveloperPeople building productUnderstand the difference between building something and being a Professional Developer161,2,3
Professional Scrum Product OwnerPeople working with stakeholders, and shaping ProductHow to use Scrum to focus on value and deal with uncertainty while managing risk252,3,4
Professional Scrum MasterPeople facilitating teams and changeHow to apply the Scrum framework to provide people with the skill and constraints to deliver a product with value251,2,3,4
Scaled Professional ScrumPeople who will support the scalingHow to apply the Nexus framework to manage risk by making dependencies and complexity transparent.253 (1,2)


Benefit Key

  1. Continuous Product Flow
  2. Predictable Iteration Planning
  3. Adaptable and Scalable Framework
  4. Alignment with Procurement and Finance

Other Considerations

During the adoption coaching will be used to support the creation and refinement of many key artefacts including (but not limited to)

  1. Product Vision
  2. Initial Backlog
  3. Product Backlog Refinement
  4. Team organisation
  5. Alignment within the greater organisation
  6. Clarity of roles in the transformation (particularly roles not defined within Scrum)
  7. Using the frameworks and techniques


2. Organisational Transformation focusing on People, Process & Technology with our Enterprise Agility Coaches (EMs).

Using the Agility Path (AP) and Evidence Based Management (EBM) approach, a minimal baseline would be:




Initial Review2 Days

Initial Assessment and Metrics

Ordered Organisational Backlog

Initial Coaching2 DaysClarify Roles, support framework adoption
Weekly EBM Coaching24 Days (2 day/ week over 6 months)

Coaching Support

Refined Organisational Backlog

Quarterly Review4 Days (2 in 6 months)

Updated Report and metrics

Updated Organisational Backlog

Weekly Adoption and Agile Coaching24 Days (2 day/ week over 6 months)Facilitating workshops, ad hoc training and coaching support


There will be a lot of workshops in this phase, and there would need to be a lot of practical coaching, as well as follow up training.


3. Mentoring & Coaching by our Fellows: Benefits for individuals and companies – Four main tracks

Track 1 – Leadership using evidence to make smarter business decisions. Evidence based management and measuring your agility. Why is transformation needed? Why do businesses or organisations need to change?

Track 2 – Growing your organisation and scaling up your products, teams and engineering. Is Scaling down also an Option? We will ask some thought provoking questions. Scaled Professional Scrum – The Nexus will be presented.

Track 3 – Building Award Winning Products that customers and Employees love. Product design, development and launch using Scrum.

Track 4 – Engineering for success. Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Security, Business Intelligence, APIs, Sleek Algorithms, Micro Services, AWS, Open Source World of tools and Agile practices such as XP.