Colleen Johnson


CEO of ProKanban : Kanban coach & trainer for Team, Portfolio and Enterprise Kanban Systems. Executive coaching for alignment of Lean & Agile practices to strategic goals & OKRs. Development of end-to-end Kanban Systems that marry Lean Product Discovery and Lean Product Delivery to bring visibility, flexibility and predictability. Application of a systems thinking approach to organizational process improvements with a focus on customer-first principles & actionable metrics

Paper Summary

Why WIP Matters

In our modern, fast-paced world the impact of perpetual busyness is detrimental to our ability to foster creativity. We glorify relentless productivity, but we tend to overlook the profound importance of nurturing our creative potential. Colleen will share examples of what happens when we are constantly overwhelmed with tasks, deadlines, and never-ending piles of work, leaving our minds with little room for inspiration to flourish. Explore simple ways to limit the amount of work in progress to create the coveted state of flow. By reevaluating our approach to work and acknowledging the value of focus, we can rekindle the creative spark that emerges when we give ourselves the gift of slack.

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