Conrad Ononene

I am a passionate, people’s person and Servant leader; who concentrates on building the foundation of organisational change in the individual first, as the base for creating caring, driven teams who birth a customer responsive, purpose-driven delivery-focused organisation that put innovative services and products offerings that delight the customer in the shortest possible team with the least amount of risk.
As a Change Agent, Coach, Scrum Master and Business Agility Consultant I focus primarily on people as the ultimate leverage for positive business change across all spectrums, and so my two passions are:
1. People becoming the best version of their professional happy selves.
2. Organisations becoming the best version of their productive ‘selves.
With nearly 20yrs experience, a lot of mistakes have been made, as well as successes, which I want Leaders and other stakeholders to avoid, so I wrote “The Little Book of 10 common Business Agility Transformation Anti-patterns – Observations of a Coach” which is available on Amazon.

I come with all of that rounded experience which has helped me successfully:

-Help organisations’ people reconnect with their work in ways that improved morale, cut down on organisational waste and increase innovation.
-Define and start-up Agile practices for clients
– Define tailored Business Agility Transformation strategies and implementation approaches that win because they feel more natural and are more efficient.
-Design and deliver comprehensive Agile Leadership education programs that helped pivot mindsets and style from a ‘Manage’-ment one to a ‘Leader’-ship.
-Developed a Leadership coaching strategy, that helped ease cultural change, set the Tone-At-The-Top, and help Leadership to provide the right kind of support for their changing organisations.
-Provided bespoke Coaching and mentoring to all levels of businesses as well the all vital ‘Support’ Functions Finance, Human Resources et al, that ensured the outcomes of Business Agility were achieved faster, with less pain than usual and an assurance of sustagabilty I can de the same for youyour business too, regardiess of how nutty’ your challenge may seem to you, because with and in me you will have an experienced trusted partner focused on impediment resolution and value delivery using my strong coaching and leadership skills, can-do attitude, well developed Emotional Intelligence, and abiding tenacity.

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