McCaul Baggett


 Expert in Agile transformation, Chief Agile Officer at CAVU Benefit Corporation


Cultivating High-Performing Agile Teams: A Leader’s Role (PART I and II)


Agile Leadership: Embracing the Servant Leadership Triad
This paper’s first part examines the transformative shift from traditional management to Agile leadership, focusing on the key concepts of Servant Leadership and the Triad Approach. The initial sections provide a comparative analysis of conventional and Agile leadership styles, emphasizing the value of self-managing teams and the evolving role of managers. The paper further delves into the Triad Approach in Agile leadership – the intertwined roles of Product, Process, and People leadership. This discussion illuminates how Agile leaders foster a culture of agility, adaptability, and continuous learning across organizations. The first part culminates with an in-depth exploration of Servant Leadership, examining its role in Agile transformations, how it unifies the leadership triad, and strategies for overcoming resistance to change. This portion of the paper offers a comprehensive guide to the principles and practices that define Agile leadership, preparing the ground for the practical case study in part two

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