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Speaker's Profile: Mr Assaf Heffetz

Former IGP of Israel/ CEO of Perfect Defense (Israel)

Mr Assaf Heffetz

Mr Assaf Heffetz; Former IGP of Israel/ CEO of Perfect Defence (Israel)  “As the former commander of the 202 paratroopers battalion, And founder of one of the best counter terrorists units in the world, “Yamam”, The awarded medal of courage retired Israel IGP is known as one of the most fearsome fighters of the Israeli forces. With tenacity and a startling creativity, He is still very respected by organization and leaders around the world.” In the last years Mr. Assaf is the mind behind Angola police modernization, presidential guard and special forces. A senior member of the “commanders for national-security” organization and senior consultant & planner of the security system in the Athens Olympic games in 2004.”

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