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Our Vision and Objectives

Our Vision is to “Accelerate the Transformation of Africa and make Life better for all by 2030″ by Investing in Agile ways of working for students, start ups, SME’s, large corporations, non-profit and public sector organisations.

We are also passionate about Improving the Profession of Software Delivery and Organisation Transformation” Software has changed everything in the 21st Century, impacting our personal and professional lives in incredible ways. We believe that by helping to improve software delivery as a profession in Africa we will create new opportunities for socio-economic advancement. Embracing the Agile mind-set becomes the engine that powers this accelerated development and exponential growth.

Agile in Africa is a Business and Technology Platform.
We bring people and organisations together in Africa and from around the World. It is created in Ghana for Africans by African’s and friends of Africa. It is a home grown platform, we are building an Agile community in Africa. It is focused on exploring ideas, sharing experiences and finding solutions to problems, challenges and new opportunities in Africa. Helping to make life better for everyone both on the Continent and Globally. For us, we see the Agile in Africa Conference as a valuable experience that will stay with you forever. All the speakers and participants at the Agile in Africa Conference 2015 have said it was one of the best experiences of their lives.

Our objectives and key results (outcomes);

1. Raise awareness – Show the value and benefits of becoming Agile. Showcase Agile adoption from Shop floor to the Board room across public and private sectors globally. Learn from some of the excellent examples in organisations such as Microsoft, Google, Spotify, Capital One Bank, KLM, Barclays, McKinsey, British Government GDS Program, Rwandan Government, Facebook, FBI to name a few.

2. Connect people in Africa to new ideas on how to address old and emerging problems and opportunities in the Business and Technology domains. As stated by Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

3. Accelerate the pace of development in Africa by forming meaningful partnerships with organisations in Africa and globally. Also encourage people to get Agile training, coaching and Scrum certifications which are globally recognized.

Partnership with Scrum.Org
We are working very closely with  as one of our key partners and sponsors to help us promote Scrum, Technical Excellence (XP), Scaling Scrum and organisation transition to Agile across Africa their various PSF, PSM I, II & III, PSPO I & II, PSD, SPS, EBMgt Certification Series will form the basis of the Agile University (Agility –  Scrum Studio) which Is currently being set up. We look forward to welcoming new partners on board to help us improve the profession of software delivery in Africa.

The Agility Series (All year round)
After the Conference we intend to maintain some continuity and awareness through a series of low cost – high value  – high impact events organised all year round. The Agility Series will help implement actions and ideas from the Conference across Africa.