Prof Hana Siddiquee


Prof. Hana Siddiquee (identifies herself as an eternal student), is the founder, board director and the team lead of Agile in Education USA (AiEUSA) and the president at Bohnishikha. She is an innovator and a pioneer in the usage of Agile education, Scrum, and eduScrum in higher education and professional training in the USA. Prof. Siddiquee is the first and the only Bangladeshi American Registered Scrum Trainer (RST) at Scrum Inc.. Prof. Siddiquee is the first and the only Bangladeshi American eduScrum Trainer, the Bangladesh representative and a USA representative at eduScrum Inc.. She is appointed as a research reviewer, content curation expert at the Business Agility Institute. She’s also a research coordinator at eduScrum Inc.. Prof. Siddiquee is the first and the only academic in the world to have implemented Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology (ATLM), Scrum, eduScrum and Kanban (L-EAF Learning Educational Agile Framework), Scaling in the classroom, into more than 18 post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate courses by the year 2020.

Prof. Siddiquee is the chair of Agile in Education Global Virtual Conference. She organized the first Agile in Education Global Virtual Conference in October 2020, hosted by Boston University Agile Innovation Lab, Agile in Education, as the chairwoman. She chaired the 2nd Agile in Education Global Virtual Conference on March 18th-20th, 2021, hosted by Agile in Education USA. Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was the chief guest speaker at the 2nd Agile in Education global conference.

Prof. Siddiquee is a graduate faculty and a program developer. She developed an Agile and Project Management MBA concentration program at a reputable university in the USA. She has designed several MBA courses including Project Management, Agile and Project Management, Project Cost, Risk and Quality Management, Business Marketing Analytics, Project Management Information Systems etc.. She is conducting research in Women Empowerment, Women in Agile Leadership, and Alleviate Poverty through Innovative Educational programs. Prof. Siddiquee is the Co-creator and the former Director of Boston University Agile in Education, and a former Executive Board Member, Boston University Agile Innovation Lab. She is conducting research in Agile in Higher Education, eduScrum in Higher Education, and Experiential Team Building with Scrum. She served as the lead North America Women Power Up Network.

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