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Dr. Thomas Mensah is an internationally recognized authority in Fiber Optics and Nanotechnology. He is also a renowned scientist and inventor with 7 USA and worldwide patents in Fiber Optics over a period of six years. Dr. Mensah has at least 14 patents to his name, in general, and is the first black person to receive such a number of patents in a short number of years. In 2015, Dr. Mensah was elected to the rank of Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors in the USA.

One of his patents based on boundary layer theory led to the replacement of Nitrogen inert gas with the more soluble carbon dioxide gas perming optical fibers to be coated at ultra-high speed beyond 50 meters per second producing high strength fibers used for submarine and undersea cables that connect components and countries, leading to a robust seamless global infrastructure for the modern day high speed internet.