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How do you start becoming more Agile or where do you go to for professional services, training and coaching on Scrum?

You can start your Agile and Scrum journey in this Resource Centre and also visit our Akaditi Agility Studio on this site.

Most people starting the Agile journey or the journey to greater agility don’t really know how or where to start from, there are numerous websites and organisations on Agile, Scrum and XP, however we think that the best place to start is by visiting  which was founded by the Ken Schwaber who co-created Scrum with Jeff Sutherland over 20 years ago. Read the Scrum Guide which provides a simple and clear view on Scrum which is now the well established globally recognized body of knowledge of Scrum. Read Gunther Verheyen’s book on Scrum Gunther is the Director of the Professional Scrum Series at You should also read Software in 30 Days by Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland. For Executives and Transformation Directors we also suggest that you take a moment and visit it is packed with information, knowledge, tools and solutions to help you to get better at doing the right things for your organisation.

The goal of this Agile Resource Centre is to provide Individuals, Project Teams, Senior Managers, Executives, and Entrepreneurs with the Tools, Guide(s) and the Approach for;

1. Developing Software Products and or manage your projects using Scrum

2. Scaling up your Product Development Organisation using Scrum from two to hundreds of Teams

3. Transforming your entire Organisation using the Evidence Based Management Approach (Enterprise Scrum) which provides you the opportunity to make smart business decisions based on Evidence so you elevate conversations from assumptions and opinions to logic and insight..

Finally we also offer you Agility Path, a tool for measuring Agility across your project(s), product, department or entire organisation. offer solutions that can help guide your journey towards an proving and improving the value of software for your organization.