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Dr. Thomas Mensah

Industry leader, Inventor, Speaker, Enterprenuer Industry leader

Dr. Thomas Mensah

Industry leader, Inventor, Speaker, Enterprenuer Industry leader


Dr. Thomas Mensah is an internationally recognised authority in Fiber Optics and Nanotechnology. He is also a renowned scientist and inventor with 7 USA and worldwide patents in Fiber Optics over a period of six years. Dr. Mensah has at least 14 patents to his name, in general, and is the first black person to receive such a number of patents in a short number of years. In 2015, Dr. Mensah was elected to the rank of Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors in the USA.

One of his patents based on boundary layer theory led to the replacement of Nitrogen inert gas with the more soluble carbon dioxide gas permiOng op0cal fibers to be coated at ultra-high speed beyond 50 meters per second producing high strength fibers used for submarine and undersea cables that connect con0nents and countries, leading to a robust seamless global infrastructure for the modern day high speed internet.

Birth Place : Kumasi, Ghana
Education : Ghana, France and USA
Patents : 14+
Leadership and Board Membership : 5+

  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering, 1978, University of Montpelier, USTL France.
  • MS. Chemical Engineering, 1975, University of Montpelier, USTL France.
  • BS. Chemical engineering, 1974, Kwame Nkrumah University, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Post Graduate Certificate, 1977, Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes, Massachuse[s Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering Dept.

His Work

As a leading Fiber Optics innovator, Dr. Mensah worked at both Corning Glass Works Inc, and AT&T Bell
Laboratories. Thomas is currently the President and CEO of the Georgia Aerospace Systems, an Advanced
Aerospace Composite manufacturing company which has supplied Nano composite materials structures for
unmanned aerial vehicle systems for the US Department of Defense. He is also the Chairman of Lightwave Skymax Network Inc a Telecommunication and Fiber Optics Cable Company that builds Broadband networks and Energy Platorms in the United States.

4 Books Published on Engineering:

  1. T. O. Mensah, P. Narasimham, Editors, Fiber Optics Engineering, AIChE Symposium Series, 1987
  2. T. O. Mensah, Editor, Superconductor Engineering, AIChE Symposium Series, 1992
  3. T. O. Mensah, Author, “The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too ”, September 2013, Amazon.
  4. T. O. Mensah, Editor in Chief, Fron0ers of Nanotechnology: Commercialization of Products and Processes, In Press, 2017 Release Wiley – AIChE Publishing.

Mensah is a recipient of several awards including Turner’s Trumpet Award for Fiber Optics Innovation, Percy Julian Award, Golden Torch Award; the highest award by NSBE, William Grimes Award and Eminent Engineers award by AIChE. He is also a member of the AIChE 100. In December 2017 he received the Kwame Nkrumah African Genius Award in Science/Technology and Innovation in Ghana. Dr Mensah delivered the 10th R. P. Baffour Lecture at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology on 23 November 2017 where he was awarded a Honorary degree in Doctor of Science; D. Sc. Honoraris Causa ajer the lecture.

In November 2015, he received the International Business Leadership Award from the African Leadership Magazine in Atlanta Georgia, USA. He has been profiled in Ebony Magazine’s edition of October 2006 and Chemical Engineering Progress Magazine’s edition of October 2008, March 2009 and March 2015. He served on the visiting committee in Chemical Engineering at the Massachuse[s Institute of Technology from 1988–1992. He has also published four books: Fiber Optics Engineering in 1987, Superconductor Engineering in 1992 his autobiography The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too in 2013 and Nanotechnology Commercialisation in 2017. In the first quarter of 2015, the government of the State of Georgia in the USA passed a House Resolution to commend Mensah and his works.

Thomas O. Mensah (born around 1950) is a Ghanaian-American chemical engineer and inventor. His works are in fields relating to the development of fiber optics and nanotechnology. He has 14 patents, 7 of which awarded within a period of six years, and was inducted into the US National Academy of Inventors in 2015.

In 2017 Dr. Mensah Has been a promoting High Speed Rail and other modern technology infrastructure in Ghana and the rest of Africa as a means to propel 3rd world countries into the 21st Century

Dr Mensah is President and CEO of Georgia Aerospace Systems[8] that manufactures nano composite structures used in missiles and aircraft for the US Department of Defense.[9] On February 24, 2017 CBS Television News devoted a segment featuring Dr. Mensah for Black History Month titled – The Engineer who revolutionised the Internet. Mensah also serves on the board of a number of organisations including the AIChE National Board of Directors (1987–1990) and is a current Trustee of the Board of AIChE Founda0on, and member of the board for the NASA Space Grant Consortium at Georgia Institute of Technology. Mensah was elected a Fellow US National Academy of Inventors in 2014.

Since early 2016, Mensah has been working with various school programs for STEM. Created “Silicon Valley of the South” in the US State of Texas and also in the process of crea0ng Silicon Valley of Ghana and South Africa to aid in technological advancement on the con0nent.



  • Inducted Fellow Na0onal Academy of Inventors, Cal Tech 2015
  • Named AIChE 100, Chemical Engineers of Modern Era, 2008.
  • Percy Julian Award, NOBCCHE, 2011
  • Ted Turner and Xernona Clayton Turner Trumpet Award, 2007
  • Corning Glass Works , IOC , Individual Outstanding Contributor Award, for High Speed Fiber Op0cs Manufacturing Technology Development. ($10,000 Prize.) 1985.
  • William Grimes Award, AIChE, 2006
  • Golden Torch Award, NSBE, 2007
  • CBS Television Feature Segment Black History Month: The Engineer who Revolu0onized the
    Internet February, 2017,
  • Selected to Showcase, Nanotechnology Development at the 10th Anniversary of the Na0onal Nanotechnology Innova0on, (NII), conference, Bal0more, Maryland, 2011.
  • *Inspired 3000 Students and Teachers in STEM Educa0on at Phillips Sports Arena Atlanta, September 15, 2017,
  • The State of Georgia Legislature Recogni0on for Innova0on in Nanotechnology and Fiber Op0cs, 2015.
  • The State of Mississippi Legislature Recogni0on and Commenda0on for Technical Innova0on 2016 The State of South Carolina Legislature Recogni0on for Technical Innova0on, 2017