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Product Owner and Deputy Chairman of Agile in Africa


Product Owner and Deputy Chairman of Agile in Africa


Nana is CEO/Senior Partner of an Agility (Agile) Services, Technology & Events Company based in UK and Ghana.

Nana is a Scrum, Agility & Life Coach, Trainer and Consultant for Individuals, Teams and Organisations. Nana is also a Licensed Engagement Manager on Agility Path / EBMgt with Scrum. org (USA). See, He has worked for many years in Scrum Teams as a Developer in Test, Scrum Master, Product Owner and has held senior Executive positions in both the public and private sectors.

The Akaditi teams are experts in Business and Technology change, and aim to bring out the best in people, teams and companies using Scrum. Akaditi has both the expert knowledge and experience from the Boardroom to the Shop floor and across all Departments to help organisations transform to Agile. Akaditi provides Agile consulting, coaching, training to help build capabilities, practices, processes and technology.

Alongside building solutions for clients, they also build solutions for emerging markets. Akaditi creates software products to address very big and complex problems in emerging markets. Akaditi owns and operates WorldSoko…a Mobile Payment, Mobile Money and Mobile Commerce (shopping) Platform – A 21st Century payment and shopping System for the Market Place. We are set to launch in early 2017

In partnership with Project Assist Global Ltd (UK/Ghana) and (USA), they organise and promote Agile in Africa Conference, Accra – Ghana and Scrum Day London, UK

Akaditi is passionate about setting up and promoting change platforms, bringing people together to share ideas on how to make the World a better place.

They describe themselves as Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs (SREs).

Akaditi means Incorruptible in one of the Languages in the Northern part of Ghana-West Africa. They always do the right thing. Read More…

Keynote Speech  :: “Business Agility Through Professional Scrum” Building a high performing exponential organisation in the 21st Century. Solutions for emerging markets.

What makes a great company? How do you increase enterprise or program agility and help organisations and teams become Agile? How do you inspire people to reach for the stars and build great products that delight customers?

Great companies gather people around an inspiring vision. A vision that gives employees a sense of direction toward a purpose (a goal). Great organisations build teams, develop their capabilities and a way of working to deliver on their vision. When everyone is focused on creating value based on collectively agreed priorities then productivity goes through the roof. The energy from the alignment, engagement and transparency is unstoppable. Your profits and share price also go through the roof. Everyone (customers and employees) are happier.

What Nana does as a Professional Scrum Master, Agility and Life Coach,

He brings out the best in people and companies and he does it incredibly well using Scrum. From the Shop floor to the Board room working with Development/project Teams, Architects, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Customers, Stakeholders and Executives.

1. Kick off and energize a new Scrum team or an Agile project or Agility (Change) Team – Greenfield

2. Turn around and energize a failing project, programme and or Transformation initiative – Brownfield

3. Coach Executives and Senior Managers to increase enterprise agility and lead their business by making smarter decisions using evidence (EBMgt) and Agility Path. He helps to measure the investment in agile, scaling scrum and determine the ROI with metrics on your performance (Agility Index).

Experiences include :: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Software, Web services, e-commerce, Telecoms, Security (Police systems), Pharmaceutical & Medical Research, Finance (including Banking), Loyalty & Promotions, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Retail, Media & Communication (including Broadcasting and Digital Media), Mapping, GIS, Mobile Money, Mobile Commerce, corporate & commercial markets; with extensive knowledge of business products, processes, structures and systems.

Qualifications :: achieved in the UK and Ghana range from Project and Program Management, Law, Technology, Executive MBA, Agile and Scrum Certifications and many more. Nana has worked in both Public and Private Sectors from the Shop floor to the Board Room as a Leader and an Executive in small to very large corporations.
Nana is based in the UK and Ghana and works globally.

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