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Technology, Innovation and adoption of new practices and mindsets such as DevOps is driving massive changes across many industries and markets. We will also cover many topics from Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Drones, Machine learning, Cyber Security, Robotics, Fibre Optics, Chat bots, Blockchain and a range of exponential technologies used by Uber, Google, AirBnB, Netflix, Waze and more more innovative organisations. The Big question for many leaders and managers is how can you leverage these exponential technologies for your business? Where can it be applied? What Products or Services will benefit most from adopting these new technological innovations? What we have discovered across many innovative organisations is the open source mindset and adoption of DevOps practises which is driving successful transformation initiatives.

According to “DevOps isn’t just about working faster, more effectively, and at a lower cost. A big part DevOps is also about driving business innovation. DevOps correctly applied is known to cut costs and reduce downtime, but as this Rackspace 2014 survey found, DevOps is also, across many organizations, increasing sales as well as employee and customer engagement. DevOps is also enabling organizations to deploy more capabilities more quickly. As the most recent Puppet Labs DevOps report contends, DevOps organizations are deploying updates 30 times more rapidity and with fewer failures. And they’re recovering 168 times faster from failures and have 60 times fewer failures due to code changes. “What we are seeing is the quality and speed has definitely increased. So people are producing changes that are of higher quality and changes that require fewer rollbacks,” said Nigel Kersten, CIO at Puppet Labs. in this interview with Ericka Chickowski.

If DevOps is going to positively drive business transformation, all of the associated efforts – collaboration, communication, automation, continuous delivery –  have to be orchestrated toward the right goals, in the right ways, with the right people and processes in place. It’s about helping business and technology leaders to manage their enterprises through times of change in technologies and markets. (Credit:

The 2018 Agile in Africa Conference wants to focus Day 2 on Technology and how organisations can become exponential, become better, faster and create more value.