Cecil Senna Nutakor


Cecil Senna Nutakor is a visionary entrepreneur, education advocate, and tech innovator, best known for his role as the Founder and CEO of eCampus LLC, a pioneering education technology company. With a deep passion for redefining the future of learning, Cecil has dedicated his career to leveraging technology to make education accessible, engaging, and impactful for learners of all ages and backgrounds.


Building a Learning Organisation through Digital Transformation using Agile : Case study – Rural and Community Banks in Ghana”


The conference paper topic revolves around the concept of transforming an organization into a learning-oriented entity by utilizing digital transformation strategies and adopting agile methodologies. This topic intersects two vital trends in modern business: digital transformation and agile practices. The paper aims to explore how these two concepts can synergize to create an environment that fosters continuous learning and adaptation.

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